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  "Justin has always been my number one designer of choice.. he's an awesome talent! Kreating AdKreator was a stroke of genius! It's so user friendly, anyone can kreate a banner or splash page that looks professional in the time it would take to send a request to a designer.

I predict AdKreator will soon become an essential that is recommended for all marketers."

Paula Zuehlke -


Why Join Adkreator...
100's of Templates
We have hundreds of professional designed templates in several different categories.  Banners, Website buttons, Peelaway ads, Splashpages, Login bonus and Squeezepages!
User Friendly Design Kreator
Our system is easy enough to use for beginners and still powerful enough for those with advanced design skills.  No steep learning curves like Photoshop or Gimp.
Adkreator functions 100% online, so there is no software to download and you can use it on any computer.

We Host It!

Finally a program that doesn't require you to have a hosting account or recommends an unreliable image hosting service.  Once you have kreated your design it is automatically hosted with us for the life of your account.

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