Everyone has questions from time to time. These are some of the most common questions we get asked.

You cannot add html to splash pages, but you can add html to squeeze (landing, lead capture) pages.  Add your html to a squeeze page only using the autoresponder code box to place the html into.  Save it and drag the box to where you want it to appear.  Save you page and view it in another tab and continue to edit to achieve your desired results.  Please see my Recorded class videos on my Adkreator blog here for help.  http://adkreator.com/blog/adkreator-class-videos/  If you are still really stuck, please Skype me and we can do a screen share.  My Skype ID Is: barbdel

As of 1/8/17 Google Chrome is giving me best results.  This is technology for Ya!  It's always changing.  Also, For best results with working in Adkreator without freezing problems and text editor problems, please open a New Private Window in Fire Fox web browser.  Tabbed browsing is always getting clogged up and interfering with Adkreator's sensitive program.  Open Adkreator into a NEW PRIVATE WINDOW IN FIRE FOX BROWSER.  NEW PRIVATE WINDOW IN EXPLORE - CHROME FOR LAPTOP USERS

If you are surfing daily you need to clear your cache a few times a day and delete your Adkreator cookies.

Please log in with your username that you signed up with.  (Don't use your email address to log in with because it won't work.)

Make sure you have deleted your Adkreator cookies and cleared you cache on your browser. (See: How do I clear my Browser Cache and Delete Individual Adkreator Cookies?)

Firefox in a New Private Window works best for Adkreator.  Some users that use laptops say Chrome works better.  And MICROSOFT EDGE works in a New Private Window.  AS 11/15/17 Google Chrome works best for Adkreator even for desktops.

You can also get help from my recorded Class Videos on my blog. http://adkreator.com/blog/adkreator-class-videos/

To share your design you would give the code to someone.   Check the box on the Left of "Share this Design" ( Share Code: 7E7BCC1F62 ) and Click the Green "Apply" Button below to save it.   Copy and paste the code in "Share Designs" button by clicking on the green left hand side menu 4th button down. Paste the code into the "Add Share Code of Design" box, then click the "Submit" button.  It will ask if you want to change the background and you click NO, unless you want to change the background. Now go to "My Designs" to see your newly shared design. You need to be upgraded to use the share code feature.

First you need to be upgraded to have a share code. Next, click on the design you want to share "once" and you will be in the edit area, but not all the way into "edit" yet. You will see "Share this Design" (Share Code: 0000000000) with a check box to the left of it.

Make sure you double click more than once until the blinking cursor comes up. Sometimes Adkreator can be stubborn.  And if all else fails slow down your mouse to the lowest speed on your computer.  Many people have had success slowing down their mouse to the lowest speed.  I don't know why, but it works!  I found that Opening Adkreator up into a NEW PRIVATE WINDOW with the Purple Mask icon next to it.  Right Click on your mouse to find "NewPrivateWindow" in FireFox will make the text box editor work as well.  You still need to clear the cache and delete cookies in Firefox and restart the browser before attempting to work in Adkreator again.  Some folks are telling me that Adkreator works best in Google Chrome and they are laptop users.  I use a desktop.  You will still need to clear the history in there as well.

In Firefox go to the top menu bar. If you do not see this, right click and check the box for menu bar to appear. Then go to Tools, Options, Advanced, Network and you will see the CLEAR NOW button in Web Cached Content on the left. First, Check the box that says Override Automatic Cache Management. Click the CLEAR NOW button until it says 0 bytes of disk space. If you are surfing you need to do this 3 times a day. RESTART YOUR BROWSER. MAKE SURE TO LOG OUT AND THEN LOG BACK IN TO ADKREATOR for a fresh start.

In Firefox go to the top menu bar and click on tools, PRIVACY to delete individual Adkreator cookies. Then click on Remove Individual Cookies highlighted in blue under History and type in Adkreator in the search box. Make sure it is highlighted and click Remove Selected under the bottom of the search box until all the adkreator cookies are gone. RESTART YOUR BROWSER. MAKE SURE TO LOG OUT AND THEN LOG BACK INTO ADKREATOR for a fresh start.

Right click on the Firefox icon and choose New Private Window with the purple mask icon.    MICROSOFT EDGE IN A NEW PRIVATE WINDOW WORKS.  CHROME WORKS WELL FOR LAPTOP USERS AND DESKTOP USERS.    As of 11/15/17 Firefox has been impossible to use and Google Chrome works the best for desktops and laptops.  Just make sure you clear your browsing data if you start to freeze, restart the browser, log out, then log back into Adkreator.

 Adkreator works best in Google Chrome for all users.  In Firefox OPEN A NEW PRIVATE WINDOW and Microsoft Edge.  Firefox works fine now. (11/27/17)  Sometimes when Firefox first gets updates working in Adkreator doesn't work so just use Google Chrome.

New computers, as well as old computers, need to be cleaned, defragmented, check the disk for errors automatically on your laptop or desktop. This is called Computer Maintenance. We all need to maintain our computers. A computer that has been used for surfing needs the cache cleared at least 3 times per day if not more. ADK will work fine everytime if you clear the cache. If this doesn’t work then you also need to delete your individual Adkreator cookies.   I never heard of not needing to maintain your computer.  Just because it's new doesn't mean it doesn't get filled up with junk you need to clear and clean.

In order to cancel your account, login to Adkreator on the quick start panel click the "update account" icon and then click the "delete account" button. Also please be sure to cancel your PayPal and or Payza subscription to prevent any further payments from occurring as our site and PayPal and Payza are not conjoined in any way.  Contact support if you are having trouble deleting your account.

Banners are generally embedded in your web page or in the the case of traffic exchanges, they provide the option to advertise your banner and link it to your site. To add a banner to your site, you may either download the banner image to your website or use the ADK link to display your banner. Either option will require a basic HTML code to accomplish. The basic HTML code is written as follows: [a href="http://yoursiteurl.com"][img src="http://yourbannerimagelink"][/a] In this example, replace [ and ] tags with < and > opening and closing tags.

You pay commissions out every Friday! No need to ask for your money. We hold commissions for 15 days from the date they were earned.

But for Payza Commissions you need to request.  Please send in a support ticket for you Payza Commissions.

If you are a free member, you are allowed to make 1 splash page and 1 banner.  You may delete these and make them over.

We wanted to give our Platinum, Business, and Corporate members an exclusive template category.   Free members are not allowed to make squeeze pages.  You must upgrade to make a squeeze page (landing page, lead capture page)

Yes! YES! Y-E-S!!

Video is allowed on the "Squeeze Page" templates only. Choose a squeeze page template, click the edit tab, you will see a "Video Code" link on your designer. Add your video code in the form provided, position it on your page, finish the design and save it. Video will only display in your browser, use the direct link to display and test.

Verification emails are sent to the email address you enter when joining. Some email providers such as yahoo can take several minutes/hours to deliver email. Other email providers take it upon themselves to block all email unless you approve it. Be sure to white list our domain and check your bulk email for the verification email. If you do not receive your confirmation email, sending a support ticket using the same email address means you will not likely receive our reply either. We highly suggest using Gmail, prompt and guaranteed delivery.

Please make sure you have flash enabled. Our designer was created using a complex flex language that requires flash to run. Also if you do have flash enabled but are on a slow internet connection please allow up to a full minute for the templates to load. In addition if you have used your keyboard to delete or back space to remove text, this can cause an error that will not allow the design to load. Be sure to always use the "Delete" button in the designer.

NO you can't add a subscribe for to splash pages.  Yes, but only by choosing one of the Squeeze Page templates. Choose your template, use the link labeled "Auto Responder" on the edit tab. Copy and paste your auto responder subscribe form code into the form. Position your form, complete your design and save. You will only see your subscribe form by viewing "Your Squeeze Page Link" Squeeze page templates are only available to upgraded members.

Make sure you are using the direct link for the banner and not the script. The direct link should be used as your image URL in Traffic Exchanges. Also if you copy and paste, double check to be sure you do not have a space before or after the URL. Most traffic exchanges include the http:// portion of your URL automatically. If you are copying and pasting, remove the original http:// before pasting your URL. In addition some traffic exchanges require your image url to end in either .gif or .jpg . If that is a requirement, your banner link may not be accepted.

Currently, it is free to join AdKreator and test out our design system. Free members can save only one design. In order to save, edit and have unlimited designs, you must have a paid account (Business). The normal upgraded price is $19.95 per month. See "Upgrade Account" link for details.  A Platinum Upgrade is 9.97 a month and a Corporate upgrade is $29.95.  See the chart below.

Your Current Account Level: Free

Membership Comparison
Design Ads
Designs Saved1103009999
Designs Hosted
Edit Saved Designs
Splash Page Designs
Squeeze Page Designs

Have you activated your account? (See the confirmation email). Make sure that you are entering your username (NOT your email address)and password correctly. Usernames are all lowercase letters, and Passwords are case-sensitive (uppercase and lowercase matter).  

The designs will be saved within our system for a period of 90 days. After this holding period they will be removed from the database. During this 90 day period designs hosted with us will be deactivated, and you will not be able to access them. Any banners you have saved to your desktop will not be affected. Your designs will reactivate upon upgrading again.

No. You are allowed only one account. Only one membership per person or IP address is allowed. Signing up for more than one membership is considered theft. Your accounts will be removed, and you will lose all designs and any accrued downlines. In addition signing up under yourself in an effort to obtain commissions is also considered theft. You will lose all accounts, all commissions, and your downline.

No, the membership is the only charge you will face. All the templates will be available for you to use as long as your membership is current.

Yes. Our Affiliate Program allows you to display adKreator advertising on your site or in emails, and earn 5% as a free member for each purchase your referrals make. 30% as an upgraded Business member or 35% as an upgraded Corporate member. We have a great selection of banners, solo ads, peel ads, login type graphic ads and other high converting advertising for you to use.

Adkreator is an easy to use yet very powerful do it yourself banner/ad creating service. It is 100% web based so there is no software to download. It's so easy to use even the most design clumsy users can be creating professional designs without a nervous break down.

YES! I believe in teaching you not only how to use my system but also give you tips and tricks on how to make a professional looking design on your own.  I also have recorded class videos on my blog http://adkreator.com/blog/adkreator-class-videos/